12 December 2019

Banham’s Italy

Davide Spina
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


Mannerism and Method:
Class and Artistic Agency in the Writing of Anthony Blunt (1934-1949)

Matthew Critchley
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

14 November 2019

Visionary Spaces of Revolt:
The Re-imagination of the commons during the Palestinian Intifada

Faiq Mari
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


Joseph Gantner, Das Werk, and the Swiss Modernism:
Three Methodological Questions

Linda Stagni
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


From ‘Composition upon Drawings’ to ‘Imitation upon Images’
A Study of One Kind of the Ideas of Chinese Architectural Design
Based on a Reference Portfolio for Architectural Design in 1930s

Xingyu Shao
ETH Zurich

The theoretical facade of August Endell
Hackesche Höfe and Optic psychology

Yue Zhao
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

7 November 2019

Two panels and two angles of approach on industrial alpine landscapes

Sarem Sunderland
LUS Institute, ETH Zurich


SGI, or the Bureaucratisation of Architecture in Post-War Italy

Davide Spina
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

31 October 2019

Buildings first, City later
A case study of the development of Daishan new city in China

Xingyu Shao
ETH Zurich


The ‘Salvatore Olandese’ and Pierre Cuypers
Aresearch Hypothesis on the Valkenburg Catacomb Facsimile (1909-1916)

Jasper Van Parys
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

10 October 2019

Learning from Loutraki:
Landscapes of Hydrochemistry and Architectures of Thermalism

Lydia Xynogala
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


The Generic, Specific and the Polyvalent:
Open Plan Schools in the 1960s

Adrian Pöllinger
ETH Zurich

23 May 2019

Ritus. Raum. Architektur:
Die Rolle der Architektur in der Inszenierung eines sakralen Spektakel

Lucia Pennati
Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio

18 April 2019

On Sergio Musmeci

Lukas Ingold
ITA, ETH Zurich

11 April 2019 

Planetarium: Oleg Kudryashov and Peter Märkli presented by Alexander Brodsky

Markus Lähteenmäki
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

4 April 2019

Oil Empire: ENI and the Making of the African Petroleum-scape

Giulia Scotto
Urban Studies, University of Basel

14 March 2019

Casa Mollino, within elective Fragmentation, Assemblage and the Human Body
in Interior Architecture from the Gothic Novel to Casa Mollino

Gerlinde Verhaeghe
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

12 March 2019

Curating the World:
Venice, Symbol and Exhibition Culture

Scott Woods
School of Design, University of Melbourne

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