9 March 2021 

Space and Pedagogy:
School Design and Design Teaching by Dolf Schnebli

Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio

In my research, I deal with the relationship between spatial design and pedagogy by looking at the specific case of the architect and ETH professor Dolf Schnebli (1928-2009).


Supranational Architectures

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Architecture is closely linked to the structures and conditions of the nation state. This connection also applies to its aesthetics and forms of representation. But: architecture is also closely linked to globalization processes. On political, social and juridical levels there are specific efforts to establish a more global way of thinking and approach beyond purely economic interests. This research project aims to pursue such efforts at the level of architecture. Question: How does the idea of the supranational manifests itself in architecture? Case studies: The architecture of the UN is an institutional paradox: it represents a supranational world community, but in order to do so it must be nationally located. The research project will examine not only the administrative buildings of the UN, but also its court and mobile architectures. So far architecture has its place within the physical public realm. Nevertheless, the long tradition of the interaction of identification and architecture urges a rethinking of architecture and identification in the media public sphere as part of the discussion of digital identity. The underlying hypothesis is that architecture cannot escape the debate on supranationalism and is also an active actor in the debate. In narrower terms, the architecture of the United Nations will be examined. They are put into context and examined from the perspectives of architectural history, architectural theory and political theory. Broader aims will be to lead the controversy national/ supranational in the architectural discourse and thus to make a further contribution to architecture and political theory.

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