January 24, 2023
Lighting Session

DocTalks Chairs:
Gregorio Astengo, ETH/Birkbeck College &
Demetra Vogiatzaki, Harvard
Olga Balaoura, Visiting Professor, University of Cyprus (UCY), Department of Architecture

Marginalized Materialities in Athens:
Modern Greece and Postcolonial Europe
Angelos Chiotis
TU Delft


Forms and Technologies of  Italy’s Villa-mania
(1955 -1970)
Michela Bonomo


Circular Strategies: Egg Shell Waste as a
Potential Building Material
Esther Clifford
Independent Researcher

January 31, 2023
Lightning Session

DocTalks Chairs:
Linda Stagni, ETH &
Silvia Balzan, USI Accademia di Architettura
Nina Zschocke, ETH/gta

Critical Raw Materials Unsung
Francisco Gallardo and Audrey Samson
Artists Duo


A Plea for Patchy Architecture
Helene Romanik


Ordinary Architecture:
Learning from the Existing
Helena Cavalheiro

14 March 2023
DocTalks x MoMA
4-6 PM CET, 11-13 AM EST

Respondent: Will Davis, Princeton

Of Seeds and Sheds:
Designing Uniformity along the Production Lines of Plantation Crops in Colonial Sumatra

Robin Hartanto Honggare
Columbia University


Plantation Technologies:
Tracing the Histories of Palms, Weevils,
and Owls in the Oil Palm Territories of Johor State, Malaysia

Hans Hortig
ETH Future Cities Lab in Singapore

21 March 2023

From “California the Beautiful”
to “Strange Menacing Beasts”:
Changing Perceptions of Southern California Nature in Two Houses by Thornton Abell

Alexander Luckmann
UC Santa Barbara


Landscapes of Obsolescence:
Opportunities for Reimagining
The Relation between
Architecture and Nature

Daniela Pico Perez
University of Liverpool and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

28 March 2023

“The Steppe Civilization in a Mirror
of the European Culture”
Classical Architecture and Nation-Building
in Post-soviet Kazakhstan

Federico Marcomini
University of Florence


Elusive Techno-Aesthetics
Paradigmatic Histories of Concrete
in Post-independence Algeria

Khaoula Hannachi 
Blida 01 Algeria
Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning

4 April 2023
DocTalks x MoMA
4-6 PM CET, 11-13 AM EST

Oscillating Spaces:
The Ice grotto on the Furkastrasse

Anneke Abhelakh
ETH Zurich


Submerging Empire:
Water Infrastructures and Cement Grottoes
in French Aquariums

Alex Zivkovic
Columbia University

18 April 2023

Arrival Architectures

Yona Catrina Schreyer
Politecnico di Milano


Twenty-First Century Taylorism:
Architects, Management, and the Perpetuation of the Open Office

Petra Seitz
UCL Bartlett

26 April 2023
DocTalks x MoMA

Respondent: Rafico Ruiz, CCA

Icelandic Farmhouses in the Homogenocene:
The Shift from Turf to Concrete (1895–1945)

Sofia Nannini
University of Bologna


The Surveyor, The Diver, and The Stone

Alberto Ortega Trejo
University of Chicago

2 May 2023

Speaking of Architectural (Hi)Stories

Macarena De La Vega De Leon
University of Melbourne


How I love the place you have no idea: Poetic Language and Sensory Stimuli in the Arab Quarter of Alexandria

Ali Reza Shahbazin
McGill University

9 May 2023
DocTalks x MoMA

Sanitary Architecture and the Battle
for the Urban Commons
in Modern Egypt

Marianne Dhenin
University of Basel


ENI’s Disegno Africano

Giulia Scotto
USI, Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio

 16 May 2023
DocTalks x MoMA

Nineteenth Century Ottoman Lighthouses:
Making of a Coastal Landscape

Esra Nalbant 
Binghamton University, NY


Learning with the Volcanoes:
Indigenous Cosmologies and Modern Epistemologies in the Aeolian Archipelago

Marilena Mela
Vrije Universitet Amsterdam

23 May 2023

Urban Conditions on Display
The Case of the Architecture Exhibition Homeward, Contemporary Architecture in  Flanders (1999–2001)

Alice Haddad
Ghent University


Approximations of Elements and Systems
The Element as a Project

Lera Samovich
Porto University

30 May 2023
DocTalks x MoMA

Interiors Turning Off and On
Environment Valves, Air-borne Architecture,
and Special Economic Zones in China,

Jia Weng
Yale University


Deserts, Reclaimed:
On China, Territory, Agriculture
and Geopolitics

Isabelle A. Tan
Princeton University


6 June 2023

State Segregationist Strategies to Control Urban Informality within Brasilia’s Ideal of Modernity

Luisa G. Melo
Tulane University


Architectural History
or History of Property?

Sonali Dhanpal

13 June 2023
DocTalks x MoMA

The Eighteenth-CenturyTeatro Regio in Turin
A Forest Perspective

Martina Motta
Politecnico di Torino


Unimprovable Regularities
The Araucaria Araucana Tree
in the Victorian Garden

Camila Medina

20 June 2023

Architecture Culturein Socialist Yugoslavia:
Exploring the role of Kosovo’s School of
Architecture during 1978-1991

Qenresa Ajeti 
TU Munchen


The Emergence of Governmentality
of Housing in Iran

Fatemeh Tavanaei Marvi
Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

27 June 2023

Fractures of Urban Accessibility.
Hacking as an Instrument for Decoding
the Smart City in the Age of Big Data

Laura Nica
University of Westminster


Incorporating Geotagging and Its Semantics
in Landscape Analysis.
Textual Analysis of Urban Data through Social Media in the Neighbourhood
of “El Raval” in Barcelona

Eleni Oureilidou 
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

26 September 2023

Sentinel Gardens

Paolo Patelli
Aarhus University, Denmark


Alois Riegl: The Modern Cult of Monuments and its Transformations from 1903 to the Present

Nikola Beim
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria
Spring 2023: Fulbright Visiting Scholar, GSAPP, Columbia University

5 October 2023
DocTalks x queer space working group
Session 1

Outing, Passing, Flagging, Cruising: Queer Spatial Tactics against Commodification and Gentrification

Claude Dutson


Othering Worlds:
Leatherspace, Dyke Community,
and the American City

Kara Plaxa
Princeton SoA

10 October 2023

Building the Economy:
Design and Construction of the US Department of Commerce Building, 1927-32

Carrie Bly
Princeton University


Collettivo di Architettura:
Political Engagement and Professional Practice in Milan’s Periphery (195X – 198X)

Elettra Carnelli 
ETH Zurich

19 October 2023
DocTalks x MoMA
Session 1

“At home on the chaaw salíi”:
an oral history of architecture with the Haida

Adil Mansure
Harvard University


Ecopoetics workshop & The Architectonics of the Poem:
A Non-Standard Ecopoetics

Brent Cox
Topological Poetics Research Institute (TPRI)

23 October 2023
DocTalks x MoMA

Session 2

Reclaiming Lost Spaces:
Reckoning with Natural Disasters and Erasure
in the Built Environment

Deqah Hussein Wetzel
Columbia University


Designing River Islands:
Recuperating Biosphere Along the Han River

Jihoi Lee
Seoul National University

31 October 2023
DocTalks x MoMA

Session 3

Turf Management, or
How To Make a Level Playing Field

Dan D’Amore
Emerson College

Black Mountain, Red Earth

Justin Hui
Independent Researcher

7 November 2023

A Silent Manifesto:
Japan Reconciling Disaster in the Field

Anastasia Gkoliomyti
Tokyo Institute of Technology


‘The Battle for Wheat’:
A Process of Reordering and Intensification
in Spanish Grain Agriculture

Isabel Rodriguez De La Rosa
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

21 November 2023
DocTalks x MoMA
Session 4

Olmsted’s Dividends

Maxwell Smith-Holmes
Princeton University

Mass Timber
in Historical Perspective:
Remediating a Resource Economy

Meg Wiessner

28 November 2023
DocTalks x MoMA
Session 5

Imagining Transpolar Futures:
A scenario-based design approach
to settlements and infrastructures
on the Norwegian archipelago
of Svalbard

Bert De Jonghe
Harvard University


The Modernist Chinese Garden
as Historical Object and Contemporary Critique

Y. L. Lucy Wang
Columbia University

4 December 2023

Building Labor Histories
through Records of Resistance

Dante Furioso
Princeton University


Forced displacement, Urban Transformation,
and Architectural Metamorphosis:
The Impact of the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne
on Chania's Urban Landscape

Aikaterini Karadima
Technical University of Crete

12 December 2023
DocTalks x MoMA
Session 6

“Every Holy Landscape is Shadowed by Evil:”
Ecological Imperialism in 20th Century Jerusalem 

Gili Merin
TU Wien


The Palm Oil Controversy:
Architecture and Environmental Depletion in the Congolese Forest

Michele Tenzon
Liverpool University

21 December 2023
12pm EST/6pm CET
DocTalks x qswg
Session 2

Places as means to account for politics and protest in the genre of memoirs
(Cleve Jones, When We Rise, 2016)

Pierre-Yves Angles
Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS-PSL) Paris


Domestic Delights of Roberto Burle Marx
at Santo Antônio da Bica’s Estate

Frederico Teixeira
FAU, University of São Paulo, Brazil


Archiving Queer Spaces in Berlin
Using LiDAR and Virtual Reality

Benjamin Busch 

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