10 January 2024
12pm EST/6pm CET
DocTalks x qswg
Session 3

Queer Ecological Architecture

Luna Lana
Monash University (M.A.D.A) Australia


Dissenting Domesticities at Casa Samambaia:
Lota Macedo and Elizabeth Bishop

Marianna Parmanhani
Universidade de São Paulo & Arquitetura Bicha


Graphite Gay Bars:
The Eliciting Potential of Drawing

Rían Kearney 

Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

16 January 2023
Lightning Talks

Navigating the what-what:
Southern approaches to South African urban design

Jhono Bennett

The Bartlett UCL


Differential impacts of sea level rise
in Lagos’ newly developed region Eko Atlantic City

Sherry Aine Te
Columbia GSAPP

23 January 2024
Lightning Talks

Ilkay Tanrisever
Romero Schaefle Partner Architekten, Zurich

Tracing Potential in Water

Blanca Garcia Gardelegui
Independent Researcher and Architect


Vulnerable Heritage: the undeniable value of past craftsmanship in Romanian villages and the biodiversity-friendly architecture

Maria Nitulescu
Independent Researcher, Artist and Curator


Veil Reveal

Kshitija Mruthyunjaya
Independent Researcher and Architect
Ingrid Halland
Architecture historian and art critic

30 January 2024
Lightning Talks

Respondent: Savia Palate, Cyprus University

Designing Wellness:
Epidemics and the Shaping
of Modern Architecture in Iran

Kamyar Salavati
PhD, University of Exeter

Evaluating Radical Designs
for the Climate Crisis

Alizé Carrère
PhD, University of Miami


Points Noirs

Milena Charbit
Cergy Paris Université / École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Versailles

Deborah Feldman
Laboratoire Architectue Anthropologie LAVUE

Baptiste Potier

8 February 2024

Usus, Fructus, Abusus

Alena Beth Rieger
Oslo School of Architecture and Design


The “Frankenstein PC:” Practices of Preserving
and Erasing the Digital in Architecture

Joshua Silver

The University of Manchester,
Manchester Architectural Research Group (MARG)

15 February 2024
DocTalks x CCA
Session 1

Ariel Richards, Lu Zhang, Chenchen Yan


Political Economy
Alejandro Saldaña Perales, Duy Mac, Romain David

22 February 2024
DocTalks x CCA
Session 2

Eun-Jeong Kim, Melanie R. Ball, Inês Leonor Nunes

Environment Making

Sophie Higgerson, Laura Pannekoek, Justine Holzman, Anna Renken

29 February 2024
DocTalks x qswg
Session 4 

Parallel Domesticities

Evan Pavka
Toronto Metropolitan University


A Canon of Queer Domesticity:
Design Fabulations

Daniel Ovalle Costal
The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL


Sex Objects and Performing Envelopment: Exploring Queer Spatial Fluidity in Dance Spaces through Nonhuman Mobility and Experimenting Relationalities

Menghang Wu
Ohio State University, USA

9 April 2024
DocTalks x MoMA
Session 1

Environmental Design
and the Civilian Conservation Corps,

James Fortuna
University of St. Andrews


The transformation of a natural
to a built environment for the working class
between the 19th and 20th centuries in Madrid:
«Esto no es fantasear.
Esa Ciudad Lineal, [..]
no es, no, una utopía»

Alice Pozzati
Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America
(Columbia University)

25 April 2024

Modern Indian Architecture and the emergence
of a Post-Independence discourse:
The case of Design (1957-1988)

Pappal Suneja 
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

30 April 2024

Collective Mentality and Architectural Space:
The Narrative of Cannon and Square
in the Development of the ‘Cannon Square’ in Qajar Iran

Mahnam Najafi
Shahid Beheshti University


An Aesthetics of Transgression
– The Picturesque in British Bengal around 1780

Leo Herrmann
University of Stuttgart

7 May 2024

The Grotesque, the Ugly, and the Bizarre:
Fletcherism and Ornamentation Theory in Non-Western Architecture

Farhat Afzal
University of Cincinnati


Early Narratives and Enduring Impacts:
Persian Architecture in the World Architectural Histories

Haleh Hajyasini
University of Arts Tehran

14 May 2024

PAN-demonium: Domesticity and Domestication

Laura Mucciolo
La Sapienza University of Rome


Housing the Single:
Typological Experimentation, Policies,
and Cultural Models in
Italian Housing Projects and
Domestic Interiors, 1930s-1950s

Michele Rinaldi
Politecnico di Torino + KU Leuven

21 May 2024

“Who were the ‘experts’ here anyway?”:
Care, Architecture, and Terminal Illness
in Oxford, 1978-1995

Fiona Kenney
McGill University School of Architecture


Malaria Division of Venezuela

Piergianna Mazzocca
Cornell University

28 May 2024
DocTalks x MoMA
Session 3

Taming the Desert:
The Great Man-Made River Project
and Libya’s Extractive Colonialities

Shehrazade Mahassini
RCA London


Conservation Nationalism

Samarth Vachhrajani 
Yale University

4 June 2024
DocTalks x MoMA
Session 4

Rice Weeders' landscapes: female work, songs, and protests
in northern Italy between the 19th and 20th centuries

Chiara Toscani
Architectural Association


Long Beach is..?
Articulating Place-Based Scenario Planning
for the Climate Emergency

Kira Clingen
Harvard University Graduate School of Design

11 June 2024

The Working Man’s Grand Tour

Sarah Aziz
University of New Mexico and 
The Bartlett School of Architecture


Landscapes of Migration.
The ‘men for coal’ agreement, mining settlements, and ecology
among the Italian workers of Limburg, Belgium

Jacopo Zani
ETH Zurich LUS

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