10 December 2020

Takis Zenetos’s ‘Electronic Urbanism’ and Telework
Individual Living Units vis-à-vis the Home-Office Conditions
+ CCA open session

Marianna Charitonidou
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


Practices of Creative Destruction in Capital-Led Developments:
The Case of TEZ, Plovdiv

Iva Valkanova 
LUS Institute, ETH Zurich

3 December 2020

The Gilded Balustrade:
An Architectural Exception at the Court of Louis XIV

Fabio Gigone
University of Copenhagen/gta Institute, ETH Zurich

26 November 2020

Lysandros Kaftantzoglou: Building a Utopia
Constructing the Greek Identity in Post-Revolutionary Athens

Niki Kogkelli
NTUAthens, School of Architecture


Reinventing Antiquity:
Building Cities / Constructing history. Delos and Eleusis

Yannis Tournikiotis
Sorbonne University, School of History of Art and Archeology

12 November 2020

Belgrade New Wave:
Architecture and Art of the 1980s

Sara Lusic-Alavanja
HCU, Hamburg

29 October 2020

The Arrow Points Left: Visions of Social Transformation in the PFLP’s First Decade

Faiq Mari
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

22 October 2020

‘Italy’s Supreme Builder’: SGI in North America

Davide Spina
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

8 October 2020

On Airs Waters and Places:
The Construction of a Natural History of Healthcare in 20th Century Greece

Lydia Xynogala
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


Hydropower and the Invention of Alpine Landscapes of Water

Sarem Sunderland
LUS Institute, ETH Zurich

23 July 2020

CCA Sessions
by Matthew Critchley, gta Institute, ETH Zurich

Organic Democracy and Organic Architecture:
The Politics of Concrete in Francoist Spain

Hannah Feniak


Analogue Models and Cardboard Cutters
in Eero Saarinen & Associates, 1956-1959

Jia Yi Gu

9 July 2020

Contradicting Linearity:
Mirco Ravannes’s Sketches for the École Nomade

Adrian Pöllinger
ETH Zurich

2 July 2020

Postwar Aggregates for a Communist Future:
Material Specification of Rubble 1947-1949

Adam Przywara
University of Manchester


Model Behavior:
Urban Scale Models and L’Affaire des Halles, from 1960-2010

Maxime Zaugg
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

25 June 2020

When and how Danes Became Architects:
A Genealogy on the Origin of Professionalism in Denmark

Angela Gigliotti
DIS Copenhagen


Architecture Worlds at ETH Zurich:
Transferring Collective Tacit Knowledge in Architectural Pedagogy

Hamish Lonergan
gta, ETH Zurich

18 June 2020

A Paradigmatic Case?
The Commission of Sacred Archaeology and the Architecture
of the Crypt of the Basilica of the Apostles Philip and James in Rome (1869-1881)

Jasper Van Parys
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


Discussion on: 
At the Border of Decolonization
by Andrew Herscher and Ana María León

Nitin Bathla
Chair of Sociology, ETH Zurich

11 June 2020

Artefacts, Practices, and Regulations of Traditional Irrigation:
The Production of Landscape Commons

Nicole de Lalouviere
LUS Institute, ETH Zurich


Documents, Monuments, Lineaments:
Not Writing, but Drawing with Vilém Flusser

Klaus Platzgummer
TU Berlin/Architectural Association, London

21 May 2020

 Stamping Ground:
Finding a Historiography for Gavin Stamp (1948-2017)

Joshua Mardell
Research Collections Fellow, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art


Power on Death’s Borders:
Ferdinando Fuga’s Cemetery for the Incurabili Hospital
and the Politics of Eighteenth-Century Burial Reform

Fabrizio Ballabio
University of York/Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio


On MPK20 and Hyper-Flexibility

Georgios Eftaxiopoulos
Architectural Association London/Royal College of Art

14 May 2020

Hölderlin and the Purple Words:
Translations on a Living Building

Anna Wild
The Barlett School of Architecture


Postcolonial Logistics
The Motel Agip of Dar es Salaam and ENI’s ‘Disegno Africano’

Giulia Scotto
Urban Studies, University of Basel

30 April 2020

Municipal Housing in London, 1919-1939:
Different Approaches and Interpretations

Christopher Metz
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

23 April 2020

Discussion on: 
Introduction of the Invention of Rivers, Dilip da Cunha, 2019

Sarem Sunderland
LUS Institute, ETH Zurich


The Work of Amancio Guedes for the Swiss Mission:
Modernist Colonial Architecture in Postcolonial Mozambique

Silvia Balzan
Social Anthropology Institute, University of Basel

5 March 2020

Of Hubris, Immorality, and Defeat: The Rome Hilton

Davide Spina
gta Institute, ETH Zurich


Printing for the ‘City-Builder’:
London and the Emergence of the Building Guide (1650–1720)

Gregorio Astengo
gta Institute, ETH Zurich

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