22 February 2022

A Working City: Re-Description
Of a Global Operation Through Local Experience.
The Case of Trakia Economic Zone

Ina Valkanova
LUS, ETH Zurich

Respondent: Maroš Krivý (Estonian Academy of Arts / CCA)


The Microcosm of the City:
Typo-Morphological Insights
on the Urban Blocks by IBA Berlin 1987

Ilaria Maria Zedda
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

Respondent: Alessandro Toti (Bartlett UCL)

1 March 2022

Urbanism in Tehran:
From Sacred to Radical

Asma Mehan
Leiden University

Respondent: Niloofar Rasooli (gta, ETH Zurich)


Başakşehir: Stories, Spaces,
and Bodies of Habitus Making
in Istanbul

Meltem Al
McGill University, Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture

Respondent: Dasha Kuletskaya (ETH, RWTH Aachen University)

8 March 2022  

Architecture as/of Care: Spatial Meaning and Palliative Philosophies, 1970-2010

Fiona Kenney
McGill University

Respondent: Samuel Holleran (University of Melbourne)


Towards a Criticism of Architectural Theory? On the Forms of Knowledge of Bernard Tschumi

Jana Berankova
Columbia University, GSAPP

Respondent: Tommaso Listo (Politecnico di Torino)

15 March 2022

Pastoral Glaciers of the Rhône Valley:
Nineteenth century instruments for political, economic, and scientific practices

Tatiana Carbonell Guillon
ETH Zurich, gta/LUS

Respondent: Rafico Ruiz, CCA


Night Visions:
Electricity and Transformation of the Swiss Pastoral Nocturne

Chase Galis
ETH Zurich, gta/LUS

Respondent: Valeria Téllez Niemeye, UQAM, Université du Québec Montreal

Monday, 21 March 2022

Excavating Frontispieces:
Fossils, Ruins, Elements

Bengisu Derebaşi & Sezin Sarica
METU, Middle East Technical University

Respondent: Yara Saqfalhait, Columbia GSAPP


Envisioning Egypt: Stereography and Archaeology
in Early 20th Century America

Brittany N. Ellis
Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture
History, Theory, and Criticism of Art and Architecture
MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Respondent: Iason Stathatos, Princeton SoA

29 March 2022

After the Ruin:
Towards an Architectureof Interpretation

Francelle Cane
University of Luxembourg

Jomy Joseph
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design


Labor, Protocols, and Innovation
behind the Project of
the Modern Universidad de Buenos Aires (1959-Unfinished)

Marco Moro
University of Cagliari

Davide Sacconi
The Architectural Association

& Martin Huberman
CCA c/o Buenos Aires

5 April 2022

From Objet Trouvé to Travelling
Object: Geographies of The Story of Art

Luca Bertoldi
Free University of Bozen

Matthew Critchley
ETH Zurich


The Byggesager Dossier at Det Danske Institut I Rom:
How Losses in Translation Were Able to Retain Plurality

Angela Gigliotti
Arkitektskolen Aarhus/ETH Zurich

Flavia Crisciotti
TU München

12 April 2022

Shining Steel Tempered in the Fire:
The Architecture of the Factory,
Manchester 1760-1915

George Jepson
The Architectural Association

Aleksandr Bierig
Harvard GSD


Modelling Socialist Society:
Cybernetics Hits East German Urban Theory

Lea Marie Nienhoff
HEAD Genève/University of Basel

Nikolay Erofeev
University of Basel

20 April 2022

On Toys and the Flying Problem:
Play, Desire, and Utility in 19th Century America

Stella Rossikopoulou Pappa
MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nikos Magouliotis
ETH Zurich/gta


A Skin that Leaks

Katarzyna Balug
Harvard GSD

Evangelos Kotsioris
Museum of Modern Art in New York
& Stelios Giamarelos
Bartlett School of Architecture

26 April 2022

Moral and Political Implications
of Urbanism

Vladan Klement
Czech Technical University, Prague

Emma Arnold
University of Oslo


Vanishing Lines: Exposing, Recording,
and Processing Verticality in Los Angeles

Marina Montresor
ETH Zurich

Shane Reiner-Roth

3 May 2022

Chaired by Natália Peťková
ENSA Paris-Malaquais

Anthropology and Architectural (Re)presentations

Dominik Hoehn
Cambridge University

Angela Gigliotti
Det Danske Institut i Rom


How to Make Ambiguous Architecture With Words

Carla Frick-Cloupet
ENSA St.Etienne

Vikki Addona

10 May 2022

'Captains of Industry' and the Metropolitan Nexus: Private Mass Housing Development in Twentieth-Century Belgium

Laurence Heindryckx
Ghent University

Sarah Melsens
University of Antwerp


Brussels, a Speculative Playground for British Developers

Martin Dumont
Ghent University

Alistair Kefford
Leiden University

17 May 2022

The Infrastructure of Migration Management: An Architectural Lens on the Implementation of the EU "Hotspot Approach" in Greece

Alaa Dia
University of Basel

Giulia Scotto
University of Basel


Fuelling the Developmental State. Sidama’s Dichtomic Mobility Regimes

Thomas Betschart
University of Basel

Tobias Hagmann
Roskilde University

24 May 2022

Domesticating Solar Energy: Architecture, Decolonization and Environmentalism in Postwar France, 1945-1986

Paul Bouet
École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Est

Alessandro Benetti
Université Rennes 2/Politecnico di Milano


Adaptation Practices of Rural-Urban Migrants within Residential Environments of African Cities: The Case of Tshwane

Tinashe Dube
University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Huda Tayob
University of Manchester

31 May 2022

Demystifying the Harem:
Domestic Interiors, Women, and Sociability
in the Late-Ottoman Capital’s Printed Media

Damla Göre
ETH Zurich/gta

Lydia Harrington
(Boston University)


A Chair, A Woman,
A Different Story

Niloofar Rasooli
ETH Zurich/gta

Mira Xenia Schwerda
(University of Edinburgh)

13 September 2022

Diaspora Kibbutzim:
Redefining the Zionist Settlement Movement as an Expanding and Transnational Spatial Network

Reut Yarnitsky
UPenn Architecture

Stephanie Savio, EPFL


Urban-Rural Modernization of Italian-Colonial Libya: Thoughts from the ‘Sack of Civility’ and the ‘Barbaric Transmission of [Design] Culture’ [Now]

Amalie Elfallah
Politecnico di Milano + Fulbright

Lahbib El Moumni, ETH/gta

20 September 2022

Urban ‘Re’-Development and the Unfulfilled Promise of Formal Housing: Embodied Infrastructural Realities
of Slum Redevelopment in Delhi, India

Naomi Hazarika
University of Colorado at Boulder

Saeed Ahmad, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen


Dissenters Unfettered:
“TUMU”and the Making of Contemporary Chinese Architecture in the Sino-German Exhibitionary Contact Zone

Dija Chen
University of Virginia

Liyang Ding, Marywood University

27 September 2022

The Biopolitics of Habitability  in a Persistent Company Town. Rethinking the Industrial Cities and Their Productive Habitats

Anna Karla De Almeida Santos

Paolo Scrivano, Politecnico di Milano


From the Garden to the Beach!
Tracing the Palm Tree in the Attic Landscape

Haris Makedonopoulou

NTU Athens

Metaxia Markaki, ETH Zurich

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